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Reasons why you should use ReactJS development in 2021

Hello, dear readers! How is your life? Now, it is 2021, everybody has waited for this year because the previous one has brought an enormous technical shift around the globe. Many people and also me have a lot of plans for this year. Nowadays, we have seen a huge growth in the field of web and mobile app development. And today, I want to discuss with you such an important topic about reasons why you should use ReactJS development in 2021. If you have been learning or using JavaScript you have possibly heard of ReactJS. ReactJS brings a lot of functions that make it an easy-to-use and popular tool among developers.

Let’s get started and see the power of ReactJS.

What is ReactJS?

Nowadays, ReactJS is one of the best-known front-end libraries. ReactJS development is easy but effective thanks to its ability for creating a functioning and attractive web apps with minimum coding. According to the creator of ReactJS, Jordan Walke, React is an effective, indicative, and complimentary open-source JavaScript library.

Some of the research has found that one of the biggest reasons ReactJS is favored over other frameworks is its possibility to give better and greater performance. That’s why it is considered to be one of the first assortments of businesses that are intending to have interactive and attractive mobile apps.

This library gives a quick and attractive UI for websites and mobile applications. In addition, ReactJS is hugely popular for giving appealing and easy to use solutions for widespread and small scale business. Such famous companies are using this technology: Paypal, Netflix, Apple, and many others.

Main advantages of ReactJS for front-end development

It goes without saying that ReactJS has a large number of advantages. And now, let’s discuss the key ones of ReactJS in order to understand why it stands out from other front-end development frameworks.

*Ease of use

Using React is quite easy if you have some fundamental knowledge of JS. I wanna say that a specialist in JS can simply learn all ins and outs of the React framework in a couple of weeks.


As everyone knows, ReactJS was designed to offer high efficiency in work. The core of the framework is a practical DOM and server-based rendering, that makes difficult apps to run extraordinarily fast.


As you can see, in comparison with other frameworks, the React code is simpler to write and is more flexible due to its modular construction. As a result, it economizes a lot of time and cost for businesses.


Needless to say that this library provides developers to deploy personal parts of their app on the client-side and the server-side. It can help to make the speed of the process of development much higher. In a nutshell, various developers can write personal parts, and all changes made won’t cause any kind of damage for the app.


JavaScript apps are favorable for SEO elements because the private data is dynamically placed, and hence, all the mark-up as well.

*Increased number of tools

You should remember that with the use of React in a project, developers can write on JavaScript and also on modem JSX. This approach will allow them to use HTML inserts in code which opens up a full chance for change and supports the whole productivity.

Reasons why you should use ReactJS development in 2021

Let’s dive into the reasons and find out why ReactJS will be an excellent choice for development in 2021. Here are some reasons to say a big yes!

1. Easy and simple to learn

In comparison with any other JavaScript framework, React is not difficult to use or understand. So, expert developers prefer to use standard JavaScript for developing a web app and then deal with it. Of course, you can mix HTML with it in some of its arrangements. Furthermore, JSX is easier to use with it.

2. Single way data flow

React allows a robust way of data flow in which some states are given as elements and passed as features in the HTML tags. Unfortunately, it is incapable to access or modify elements right but it gives a call back that does this job.

3. Data binding and code reusability

React can produce an Android web app and promotes code reusability. It uses one way data binding, that means that an app architecture manages data flow from a private point. This feature is helpful for web app development.

4. Practical DOM

ReactJS makes elements of representation data that computes the changes and updates the browser. Logically reasons for handling ReactJS is to create user interfaces suitable for web apps with elegance and comfort. I want to say, in comparison with others, this is the best library. It allows a user to complete a task with JSX instead of simple JavaScript, but you can use it as well.

5. Testing and functionality

Developers can use the ReactJS library for scanning modules. These are easy to test and can be used as the modern state’s function. Expert developers can  oversight from the triggered employment, production, events. You need to test before using and React JS makes it very simple to do it.

Should you learn ReactJS?

If you have a dream to work as a front-end web developer, the answer is yes! Finding success in web development means using the right tools to make your code as effective and efficient as possible.


In conclusion, I hope that this article has given you enough info. Surely, you’ve now got the necessary ideas and opinions.

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