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Features To Look For In The Best Online Medicine App

There are hundreds of app today that are benefitting the whole world. But not all are the same; there are some who don’t have the features and specifications needed now. Others are the best that are striving to give their finest even in this time of Coronavirus pandemic.

Features In The Best Online Medicine App

How to distinguish the best Online Medicine App from the ordinary ones? The easiest way to do is to look for general as well as special features that make the app complete and acceptable to all.

Ordering The Medicine

The features that all medical app must have is ordering the medicine. You can either upload the prescription on the admin page or send it with other details on the email address.

Proper Tracking Of The Order

Not all medical stores online provide the facility for tracking the order. But there are some who know that the time of patients is precious. So the tracking of the order helps the customers to know exactly what the progress of the order is.

Safety Of The Data

Customers are attracted to those companies which ensure that the data are safe and protected. Whatever documents, data and info are uploaded on the app has to be safe from hackers and others who could misuse it.

Connected With The Cloud

Sometimes there are reports and prescriptions are very important; so they have to be viewed by doctors and other medical professionals. This why connection with the Cloud should also be an essential feature.

Expected Time Of Arrival Feature

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic; people are not allowing anyone to meet them. So at times important deliveries are also skipped. But with the ETA feature the customers will know when the medicines will be delivered so they will be ready to receive them.

Urgency Of The Medicine

There are circumstances when the medicine has to be delivered on an urgent basis. Sometimes the patient is in dire need of life-saving drugs so having this feature will make the apps like Majoor the best.

Diversified Modes Of The Payment

Scientists have found out that paper money is a major cause of the spread of the Coronavirus. Many of the businesses have now shifted to paperless dealings and medical apps have introduced more diversified modes of payment.

Reservation In Advance

At times some of the medicines go out of stock and they are available after weeks or even months. So the customers are given the option of reservation of the unavailable medicines in-advance.

Packages For Long-Term Prescribers

This is a great way of developing a long-term relationship with customers. The patients who have to buy plenty of medicines for a long time then various packages of a prescription can be offered.

Special Discounts Alerts

This feature is optional but will make a difference for the customers because through this system they will be able to know any new deal or special discounts. These can be in the form of SMS or emails.

General Information Related To Health

The customers are curious about the medicine they are ordering. Although the doctor who prescribed the medicine can inform a lot about it. But there is other information that might interest in the medicine. So the data in the form blog should be available.

Customer Care Support

There are many questions that might come in the minds of customers related to buy online medicine. A feature of customer care support in the form of live chat, emails, calls and video calling must be given.

Reminding Of The Patients About Medication

The best Online Medicine App must have a built-in calendar in which the customers can set reminders of when and where the medicines should be delivered. So the patients can order the medicine on time.

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