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How social media can improve your lead generation services and tactics

When you hear the term, lead generation services, social media isn’t the first thing on your mind. Social media is associated with brand building, product promotion, Instagram marketing, facilitating fruitful customer relationships, sales, etc. Most marketers are still a novice to the ultimate potential of social media for lead generation. 

But, in reality, social media can serve as a goldmine for leads.  

Social media is way more than accelerating business growth and expanding the customer pool. When practiced efficiently, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can bless your business with infinite and convertible leads. And, the cherry on top is that you have to spend a meager amount of lead generation services through social media.

 Sounds interesting, right!

The amalgamation of social media and lead generation services 

The number of Internet users on social media is surmounting. Almost 55% of the world’s internet-using population is on social media. They use these mediums daily, therefore, the magnanimous nature of data generated. This data can be analyzed and studied to use as a rewarding tool. 

Therefore, for marketers ready to think further than brand awareness and social engagement, the social media lead generation process is the next step. Social media lead generation services will reduce operational costs and increase revenue in the process. 

Still not sure whether social media lead generation is worth your time or not?

Let’s read through the following facts. 

  • Social media is a cost-reduction lead generation process for businesses. As per a survey, 45% of businesses have experienced a reduction in their lead generation campaigns using social media. 
  • Your business will grow into a limitless potential using social media for lead generation. 24% of businesses grew immensely with social media lead generation services. 
  • Considering the bountiful wonders of social media, 68% of businesses are using the free platform for lead generation services since 2018.
  • Post-using social media for lead generation, businesses witness cost reduction by 32% in their social media advertisement spent. 

Put simply, social media for lead generation is a highly effective and proficient choice for companies struggling through their marketing budgets and the quality of leads. 

For the same reason, several businesses are now using social media for lead generation owing to their immense cost-reduction benefits and the gigantic customer base. 

How to generate more leads using social media?

Probably, the biggest concern that businesses have is how to use social media for lead generation? Are there any said rules or strategies to follow, or can the process be customized depending on the business requirements?

So, before you get into it in a full-fledged manner, let’s study the basics. 

What lead generation through social media means?

Lead generation is all about updated and expanding your sales funnel. And, it is not the same thing as selling your products and services. Think of lead generation as more of gathering information about people looking for similar services that you’re offering and contacting them about the same.

Until you convert the lead into a client, that lead is of no use to your business. However, social media can help your business to access hundreds and thousands of leads to improve the conversion ratio. 

Also, a lead provides you information about:

  • What your target audience is interested in?
  • Which products and services are sellable?
  • What are the pain points of your customers?
  • How can you turn those leads into revenue-generating customers?

Needless to say, social media simplifies the process of lead generation and provides you with a single platform with billions of users/leads. 

Picking the right channel

The second question you need to ask yourself is, which channel will provide me with the maximum number of leads?

Considering the growing number of social platforms, finding the right one can be tricky. But, once you figure out the customer type of each platform, it might ease you in the lead generation process. 

  • LinkedIn: For B2B social media lead generation, the professional community of LinkedIn is perfect for you. Most of the leads are generated using LinkedIn’s professional gateway. 
  • Facebook: This is one of the aptest social media platforms for lead generation. With over 2.4 billion people on Facebook, building business pages and running paid promotion ads can generate a huge number of leads. 
  • Twitter: Twitter ads, amassing over 330 million active users, is the best way to reach your target audience and generate a following for your products and services.
  • Instagram: The most popular platform currently, Instagram is a great place to connect with audiences, study their pain points, and sell your services effectively. 

Go for paid ads 

While organic ads hold the same importance as paid, but the latter accelerates the lead generation process. Going organic doesn’t cost you anything, but you will miss out on some benefits of paid marketing, like audience targeting, increased reach, and extra CTA options. 

Paid ads for lead generation on social media will provide you with a better experience. Your content will be viewed by more people, you can run target ads, and find leads in the industrial verticals you want to. Leveraging the right platform and targeting options will help add value to your search and enrich your reports with better and worthy leads. 

Promote gated content

This is one of the easiest ways to generate leads on social media, by developing posts that direct to a landing page where the users are prompted to fill out a form, promoting such content, generating new leads, and nurturing existing ones in the marketing database. 

One of the most critical components for lead generating companies is to ensure your social posts capture the interest of your followers. Use images, infographics, stats, or visual stories to garner maximum attention of the users. Every post should have a video or picture. This is of utmost importance.

Social media is more than advertisement and branding 

If you want your business to excel in the competitive industrial domain, then social media lead generation services are just another amazing and versatile tool to achieve the leverage your brand deserves. Get more value by using social media to generate leads. 

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