Internet of Things

Introduction to Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a giant network of interconnected devices. From these, devices are capable of making decisions without any human intervention. So, let’s start introducing you to the concept of IOT. We are going to discuss what is IOT, why do you need IOT, the benefits of IOT for biofuel features, and finally the very important five-layer architecture of authority.

What is IOT/ Internet Of Things –

So, to understand what is internet of things (IOT) Let’s look at an example of a mobile phones Forest. Our mobile phones have GPS tracking. It also has mobile gyroscope, you have adaptive brightness, which gets adjusted based on the light falling on it, you have voice recognition, and you also have face detection which identifies who is the user.

Now again iPhone X is coming with face detection. So again, these are a lot of features that are coming pre-built on the mobile asset and most of these have a common interaction between them. Let’s say one application can use all of these features.

I can also have these features in itself is interacting with each other, Let’s say based on a GPS location. My brightness could be adjusted or based on the direction. My phone is being held. The brightness in itself can also be adjusted as well.

So, there are a lot of features but when they interact with each other these features come together to bring in a better system than anything can provide individually. As such this is what the internet of things (IOT) is.

Embedding Electronics/ software/ sensors to IOT

It basically is a platform where we can connect everyday things which are embedded with either Electronics or software or sensors to the internet and this in turn enables us to collect as well as exchange data or information between these things.

Now when I say things, it can be anything and Nothing. Let’s say I have an internet platform where I can connect these things. If I take the example of my house, I can connect my lock, I can connect my AC, I can connect my light and all this can be managed on the same platform.

Since I have a platform, I can also connect my car to this, I can keep a track of my fuel meter, I can keep a track of my speed limit, I can also keep track of the location of the car as well.

Now if there is a collective platform where all of these are connected, wouldn’t it be great because I would love to turn the AC on and set a cool temperature at my home by the time I reach back from office.

If I have a platform that knows my preference and that keeps track of where I am and where I’m going to then it can also identify that I’m going from work back to Home and my preference suggest that it would be best if there was an easy temperature of about 22 or 23-degree centigrade and this is something that is definitely possible through the internet of things (IOT).

Now, this is just one of the examples now, let’s say tomorrow you come back Home, it would be great. If I wouldn’t even need a key to unlock my door my home system should be aware that I have come home and should unlock all the doors that are needed.

And now this can be done if my mobile and my home devices are connected on to the same platform based on the location of my mobile.

Applications of IOT

It can identify that I am at my home so it will automatically unlock the door and let me come in as well. These are some of the real-world applications of Internet of Things (IOT).

These are something that is already happening but going forward what you need to understand is that when I have a specific component with me, which can do a lot of things individually, wouldn’t it be great if I can collaborate this complaint with my system of different components and build up at a system.

This is what the internet of things (IOT) is helping us, you provide a platform to which all these things are connected through the internet. So, the internet becomes the medium through which you’re connecting all these components were things to a platform.

Need of IOT

Moving forward let’s try to understand Why do we need internet of things (IOT) now to help you understand why, let’s look at an example, a patient at home, who is on constant life-support wearing his status is being checked to a health monitoring system present on the cloud. Let’s say at a point, there is certain issue with respect to his health.

Let’s say there’s some irregularity with his heartbeat or his blood pressure is low. There’s some fluid being developed. Since the system on the cloud is connected to a hospital, this information would get passed onto the hospital as well.

What would happen is that they would get complete details with respect to the patient and the important information with respect to the current situation of the patient as well.

We made it aware with respect to what issue exactly is the patient facing as well as enable them to dispatch an ambulance immediately to bring the patient back to the hospital as well.

Now meanwhile, once the patient has been picked up and brought back to the hospital there could be prescriptions, there could be medicine, there could also be an operating theater made ready in case of an emergency situation as well.

There would be doctors on standby who have the complete history of the patient who has the complete details of the present condition of the patient as well. So, this in turn brings in a lot of transparency and reduces a lot of effort and time involved with respect to this same thing. Let’s take in today’s scenario.

There has to be someone wandering this patient’s health. If there’s a fluctuation they need to call the hospital or they need to call request for an ambulance. And meanwhile, once the ambulance is here.

They take the patient back into the hospital. Then again there needs to be a lot of checkups that need to be done because the doctors are not fully aware again. There is a lot of tests that need to be run and this, in turn, leads a lot of delays as well in certain emergency cases such as if a system can do this then this is exactly where our future lies in and what we have to definitely move forward to know Internet of Things (IOT).

Basically, IOT is expanding the interdependence of humans to interact contribute and collaborate with things around us. We can expand this interdependence to interact collaborate and contribute with respect to the different things around us. Then we would be building a proper Internet of Things (IOT) environment. This would be a much more safe, secure, effortless and time-saving environment into existence moving forward.

Benefits of IOT

Let’s Talk about the various benefits of Internet of things (IOT). Now, the first thing that would be as a benefit of having an Internet of Things platform would be that you could efficiently utilize the resources that are available if I have a smart system which can interact with everything if it has enough computational power.

If it has enough understanding of how things work with each other. Then, I’m quite sure the usage of the resources available will be more efficient as well. This resource could be in terms of monetary.

It could be in terms of natural resource. Also be an input taken up by the thing as an input and so far.

So all this can be more efficient if I have a platform which is smarter and interconnected as well apart from this it minimizes the human effort involved in my system which is smart enough to interact it to filter smart enough to do things that I do need to get involved with then my interaction is always going to be minimum. This is the same with everyone and that’s one of the major reasons why the Internet of Things has become popular today.

The concept of smart home is always growing as well in the same perspective because if the system in itself is able to do most of my work at home then I don’t need to put in much effort.

I can relax at home without having to worry about anything. The next benefit would be it saves time. If it rains my human effort definitely is going to save my time. Apart from that, if the resources are utilized more efficiently then again it is going to save a lot more time as well.

All-in-all any benefit of Internet of things will in turn help you save a lot of time as well. So, time is one of the major factors that can be saved on an Internet of Things platform. Now if I have an artificial intelligence platform through which all this is managed and maintained then the personalization and the human touch also comes into the picture.

Level of Interaction

Now, today most of us have had a level of interaction with an artificial intelligence or a virtual intelligence as well. This could be a personal assistant like see Hurry, or it could be an assistance application like Google assist.

Now, if I have system where all these components and things are interconnected, then in turn all the security present on each of these things is going to get multiplied and it’s going to build a much more secure system apart from that the level of security that we would be integrating to the platform in itself is going to be quite huge.

So, the overall security booth respect for everything is going to increase multiple times as well. Now let’s look at some of the major features of the Internet of things. Now any technology that is available today has not reached its hundred percent capabilities and it always has that Gap to grow.

Internet of Things is one of the major technologies in the world today that can help any other technology reach it’s true and complete potential as well. Now there are mainly three aspects to the Internet of Things as to how it works first is the connect aspect here.

Basically, what you need to work on is you need to ensure that there is a connectivity between all the things around you and all the necessary things to The Internet of Things platform.

Then comes to analyze now, I have my things around me. Then each is going to generate some amount of data now this data needs to be collected and it needs to be analyzed to build a business intelligence solution.

If I have a good insight, the data that is gathered from all of this then definitely I can call my system as a smart system.

What happens if we improvise IOT System? –

Finally, what happens is in order to improvise and improve your system. You need to integrate it with various models to improve the users experience as well.

Let’s say there’s a personalization module that is there or let’s say there’s going to be an aspect when I can directly connect to my providers. Now, this provider could be Amazon, it could be Flipkart, or It could also be my retail store that is next to me.

Let’s say I’m out of milk, so retail store will get a notification and he would send milk right away and the same thing can be done. Let’s say I have my coffee machine requires special beans and these beans is almost complete then what my system could do is it could go online to Amazon and purchase these beans for me as well.

So, there are a lot of things that I can do when I integrate this with respect to various models and improve the overall experience to a single user or a group of users on the world itself.

Now, let’s talk about each one of one by one. let’s start with connect. Now, the first stage of connect is device virtualization because what you need to do First is that you need to standardize the integration of the device to the Enterprise platform, which is present on the flower.

Now, it could be present on a cloud. But again, it’s all going to be connected through the internet. So, what I need to do is that I need to ensure that certain level of standard is present on the device. So that it can go on and connect to my Internet of Things platform.

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