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How to screenshot on Asus laptop?

Nowadays, we used to fill our gallery full of screenshots rather than saving camera rolls. Isn’t that so? When we start to surf any new information on the web, we want to make a note of it, then and there. While surfing, we are also supposed to take some snaps of our current screen for future references. At this spot, we look for some screenshotting methods on our device. If you are working with an Asus laptop, there are some tricks and shortcuts available to take screenshot on Asus laptop. All of them are pretty easy to capture within a second. Shall we do it? Let us read what they are.


Generally, taking a screenshot is an essential feature that the system itself takes images displayed on the screen. Whatever the information may be,  it is easy to grab the screen or capture the screen using a screenshot option. This feature is directly linked to the buttons available on our device. The fact is, a device with screenshot capability prompts the comment to the operating system via the side buttons or screenshot gestures.

Have you worked with recent technology of screenshot features? The screenshot feature expanded its technology into a screen-recording option. It allows recording whatever is being displayed on the screen. You can try out these features in recently launched smartphones and laptops. In this article, we are not focusing on the recording option. Now, we are going to dig out some screenshot methods alone for your Asus laptop.

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Simple ways to take a screenshot on an Asus laptop:

However you use some other OS on an Asus laptop, the majority goes to Windows OS. As we mentioned above, the screenshot controls are directly linked with the Operating system. When talking about Windows OS, we have a vast volume of user base. If you are using Windows OS on an Asus laptop, you have to head into the right place. You must check Mobdro on Roku

We have compiled a list of simple ways to take screenshots on your Asus laptop. That includes,

  • Shortcut keys on Keyboard
  • Taking snaps using screenshot tools

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Shortcut keys on Keyboard for taking screenshot on Asus laptop

Shortcut 1: PrtScn  or Ctrl+PrtScn

This shortcut is recommended to print the whole screen.

  1. In your Asus laptop, you can see the PrtScn button on the first line of the keyboard.
  2. Open the window that you wish to take a screenshot of. When you hit the PrtScn button, the current screen will be entirely capture.
  3. As soon as you shoot, it will save on the clipboard storage.
  4. From there, go to the destination area where you want to paste the shot.
  5. Press Ctrl+v to paste the screenshot. Till you attempt to paste the shot, your capture would stay in the clipboard only.

Note: Once you push the print screen button, soon paste it somewhere. If you press the same on some other window before pasting, the clipboard automatically erases the old one. And so, there is a chance to lose the old data.

Shortcut 2:  Windows + PrtSc

Another trick is pressing the Windows+PrtScn key simultaneously. This combination allows saving the screenshot on the computer instead of saving it in the clipboard. If you are a Windows 8 or Windows 10 user, you can make use of this option.

You can view the screenshot by following the path as c:\Users\User name\Pictures\screenshots. If you want to paste it on a word document or paint document, go there and press CTRL+V. This key also captures the whole screen of your laptop.

Shortcut 3: Alt + PrtSc

Let us move on to another built-in option to take a screenshot on the Asus laptop. Ultimately, you can capture the screen quickly on an active window. An active window indicates the window that is currently being used. Unlike the Windows+PrtSc combination, your snaps will save on the clipboard. Sadly, it is not stored on the hard disk of the computer.

These are the flexible options that you can access for frequent usage. So far, we have listed the most common ways that are possible on almost all Windows platforms. In addition to that, there are some screenshot tools available for your laptop to make the customization on screenshots.

Taking snaps using screenshot tools:

Snipping Tool: Customized screenshots

Are you aware of the Snip Sketch tool? If you are a Windows 10 user, you might have used this tool. Microsoft Windows team releasing their OS versions with some advanced specific and unique features. From the Windows Vista version, they have designed the Screenshot tool for the users named Snipping Tool. This tool is available on all the upcoming Windows versions from Vista.

The same tool was renamed as Snip&Sketch that is available in the latest versions like Windows 10. Concentrate on the below steps to take a screenshot using the Snipping tool.

  • STEP 1: First off, turn on your Asus laptop and press the Windows key on the keyboard. Now, you can see the insertion point in the search box.
  • STEP 2: Here, enter the term Snip and start a search of the tool. Click and launch the tool. After that, click the New option placed at the top left corner of the snip window.
  • STEP 3: At this point, make a selection to select a certain area by click and dragging the mouse button. Then release the button.
  • STEP 4: At last, hit the Save snip icon to save the selected area as a screenshot.

That’s all. Save the shot wherever you want. Actually, this method is helpful to select some customized area of a screen to take the screenshot. You can paste the captured image on any editing software like Paint. There, you can proceed with the editing process as per your wish.

Final Verdict:

All the methods discussed in this article help you take screenshots on Asus Laptops. You can either use shortcut keys or screenshot tools to grab the screen anywhere on your window. Was our article helpful? I hope this post will resolve your queries regarding screenshot options on Asus Laptop.

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