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10 Signs You Might Need to hire New Web Designer

If you use a mobile phone then after a few years you will replace it. The reason can be if it has become obsolete. Similarly, when your website becomes too old then it needs to be replaced by you. In this situation, hire new web designer will be a wise decision. If he is a seasoned professional then after getting services from him, you will feel happy. Here, it is important for you to know what you get. Are your inputs getting value from him? Does he listen to you? Now I am going to describe about 10 signs you might need a new web designer.

1. If he misses the deadlines

You can avoid the missed deadlines up to a certain limit. But if the missing of deadlines happens at a consistent rate then it shows that he is not taking it seriously.

2. If he does not communicate with you properly

For getting information about website redesigning status, hiring a private investigator is not always recommended. It is necessary that on the same day your web designer answers all the questions that you ask him regarding your website redesign. Or if he receives a message from you then he needs to give acknowledgement to it.

3. If he has no idea of your industry

It is necessary that he has a knowledge of your industry. If the type of website needed by your client is not understood by him then creating an effective website will not be possible.

4. If he gives an indication that your site will work only on a single browser and not on every browser

With browsers of all kinds your site needs to be compatible. It will be a good idea to examine whether it will work on Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Your potential customers can use the browser of any kind. It is necessary that your site appears great on every browser.

5. If you consult with a professional and knowledgeable person but the person who is going to design your site is different

In order to convince the clients, a few agencies hire charismatic consultants. But there is a possibility that you will not find the same consultant during the start of the actual work. Instead, there is some other person who will design your site. However, you need to ensure that the entire work will be completed by the same person who has started it.

6. If he is not able to provide you the customization facility as per your needs

Recycled templates symbolize dullness or slowness. If a designer can’t provide individual identity to your brand by customizing the site as per your requirement then you need not to hire him.

7. If your site takes more time to load

The web design’s efficacy determines the load time. Loading of your site will take less than 3 seconds only if the images are properly compressed and the code is clean. If the loading time of the web pages is more, then it will annoy the visitors. Google does not like a slow loading site and can penalize it.

8. If the designer uses multiple fonts

In order to attract the visitors and keep them, it is necessary to use a typography that is easily readable. So, a designer needs to use a typography that is harmonious and consistent. You can suffer from certain problems like hair reverb, nostril fester, nausea, hives, insomnia, malaise, annoyance and eye-fatigue if the site uses multiple fonts. Therefore, you need to go with a designer who makes the right use of fonts.

9. If your site drives the visitors away

You cannot consider it good for your site if the visitors move away from it just after opening it. It will not be a good idea to have a background music that is royalty-free. So, if a designer hypnotizes you for this then don’t give him the permission for this. In 2005, it was horrible. Today also it needs not to be followed.  

10. If according to you your website designing is not going in the right way

Suppose a designer insists you that a particular design concept is good for your site but your thinking is different from him like you do not consider the same concept good for your site then it indicates that he is not willing to design a site as per your requirement. Basically, designing a site that is high-ranking, brand-appropriate and user-pleasing is the job of a designer. If he tries to convince you to take interest in the carousels of the front page then you need to look for a new designer.

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