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5 Perks For Which You Must Rely On Google My Business

Google offers tons of services to the marketers, ensuring them to carry on with their business online without worrying about the advanced marketing tools. And one among them is Google My Business, especially used to monitor the online reputation of a brand.

The best part about Google is, it provides all its services free of cost, making it easier for every scale business to run online. And so is Google My Business. You can simply access this tool and use it to manage and monitor the online presence of the business.

However, many marketers still feel that it is better to try some other tools for reputation management. According to them, free tools offer limited features.

Is it so?

Here in this article, we will discuss why a reputation management agency prefers Google Business over other tools. The perks will surprise you a lot.

5 Perks that make Google My Business effective

  1. Cost-effective tool: The most initial thing that hit the mind is the cost. Marketers always have a tendency to look for tools that do not pinch their wallets. Hence, they choose Google My Business (GMB) to serve their purpose.
    GMB is absolutely free and easy to use. It allows marketers to list their business on the biggest search engine of the internet without paying a single buck. Listing your business on the local sites or directories and hooking your website in front of many potential customers are no cost-consuming.
    Your targeted audience can view your business, go through your website, know your whereabouts, scroll your images, and even view your ratings. All this happens at no cost. This makes the tool the primary choice for marketers.

  2. Better visibility on Google search and Google Maps: Google My Business brings better visibility for businesses online. No matter what your business looks like, it will give you the opportunity to be visible on Google search and Google Maps. That’s the biggest achievement for businesses, isn’t it?

    If you have a GMB profile, it will definitely appear in the Local 3-pack area. The local 3-pack area is reserved below the three Google AdWords advertisements. The area used to be a total of 7-10 results.

    However, this has been changed to the top 3, to make the search compatible for mobile users. If you have a highly optimized GMB profile, you can simply reserve the top 3 positions of the local 3-pack area.

  3. Keeps you updated: Since Google My Business is a part of Google, it always keeps updating with the latest trends and strategies. The updates or upcoming changes that need to be made for businesses appear on the RSS news feed. Scrolling down you can gain knowledge regarding the new features and work accordingly.

    For example, the recent updates state that businesses can interact with their potential customers using two ways – posts and messaging. Clients can easily choose one of these options to connect with the brand.
  4. Can optimize your GMB profile: Optimizing your GMB profile is necessary to access the updated features. And to do this, you need to claim your business profile. Here are the following steps to follow.

    Start now with signing into your Google account.
    Put the name of your brand and confirm that you have an authorized business.
    Once you claim your listing, check whether the business information you have shared is correct or not.
    Go through the company’s address, phone number, website link, etc. are all properly added.
    Add images so that your targeted viewers can get an overview of your brand.
    Finally, ask your clients to add reviews on Google.

    Google reviews are very much important. Not just to build a brand reputation but even to attract new customers and to rank higher on search engines.

    Your GMB profile is thus properly optimized!
  5. Advanced features: Google My Business is loaded with features. Some popular features include Google Maps, Google Posts, Google Messages, Videos, GMB Heat Map Insights, Product posts, Google offer posts, and so on.

    The most prominent feature that allows many marketers to use GMB is the platform to add business descriptions. Yes, apart from building your profile with exciting images and videos, you can even add a business description of 750 characters to share brief information about the brand.


So, Google My Business account matters. If you are a small-scale marketer or an entrepreneur or have just created a startup, the tool will serve you a lot. Not just that, even if you have a large enterprise you can rely on this tool for better results.

Google My Business makes the business easier for marketers online. In fact, its cost-effective approach and regular updates keep the business competitive in nature.

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