Gadgets and Apps to Boost your Instagram

5 Latest Gadgets and Apps to Boost your Instagram

Nowadays, it’s easy to buy a way into Instagram’s success. You can buy followers you can buy likes you can buy anything that you want on Instagram. But beating all odds, the organic approach is the best, especially if you are a business or professional account. The biggest mistake is when many times, people cannot keep up with the financial aid it needs, and then they get into a problematic declining spiral.

Well, It won’t even make sense if they’re all fake, and all of them are ghost followers, then you are only talking to yourself. So how does one engage with real people, real audiences, real potential customers, and possible physical clients? We have a solution. There are lots of gadgets and apps that one can use to boost their Instagram, and we have mentioned a few of them. Have a look!

1.  DxO ONE 20.2MP Digital Camera for iPhone and iPad

Instagram is all about your best picture. Your feed is the first impression that someone has when they go on to your account. To make the best first impression possible, you need to create good quality photos. And just like most people, we use our phone to take pictures.

Even though there are a lot of advancements at this point in our mobile phone camera, it is still not the same as a professional DSLR. But if you want to step your game up with the picture quality, then we have just the thing for you.

The DxO one professional-quality camera connects into the charging port of your iPhone and takes some fantastic pictures. You are getting a 1-inch sensor with it, and an f 1.8 lens, which is the stuff that we use in professional photographer equipment. It is optimal for taking high caliber photographs that can amaze you to your core.

2.  When to post?

It is challenging to know when to post, especially when your followers are from all over the world. Use an app called ‘when to post,’ and this shows you the optimal time to post your next picture. All you have to do is log in with your Instagram account and when to post will read analytics from your Instagram, and it will show you when your followers are most engaged and when most of them are online. So then it tells you when you need to post.

We know you learn these statistics through the business analytics that Instagram provides, but this is more specific. When you put the pictures at the right time, you get the most engagement from your followers.

3.  Hashtag

When it comes to Instagram, here’s what it comes down to- you want to be using hashtags that best describes your image or video that you post on Instagram. It would be great if you were specific with the hashtags because, firstly, Instagram looks at the hashtags you are using in your posts.

It helps to understand what topic your profile is in and categorize your content directly to go and display it to the correct uses, which may be showing interest in it. To find these hashtags head to It has all the hashtags categorized nicely for you to test it out. With this, you can find the hashtags which are related to your profile and help you boost it.

4.   Lightroom

Photo editing is also an essential component of photography. Lightroom is the most commonly known photo editing app that many people use to edit their photos. You can either use the desktop software as well as the app. The app allows you to edit even when you are on the go and don’t have to access a laptop. This is the only app in the world that allows you to use these presets that you see everywhere on Instagram.

You can even download some presets for free from the internet if you like. Or you can directly download stuff from Instagram for reference. These presets are very impressive and easy to use, once you download them and then with one click you can add that on your photo, and instantly you can see excellent results. Apart from that, there are a lot of things that you can adjust to in the app, just like a professional editor.

5.  Unum

It’s a post planner app. You can put your photos in there to plan them and to see how your feed will look like with the images you choose. You have to connect to your Instagram account and adjust your feed accordingly to the color or theme you are going for.

You can put all your edited photos in there to plan, and then you can move them around to see how it looks if you change it up. You can also start clicking into the photo and write a caption. So if you have a good description in your mind about an image that you want to post in the future, you can write it down and never forget about it.

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