Blog Mistake That you Don't should do

Blog Mistake That you Don’t should do

If you are going to start blogging or want to give a professional look to your already created blog, then you should definitely read this article.

We talk about blogging or any other field, in the beginning, there are mistakes from everyone and after learning from these mistakes, we are able to move forward and learn about some such mistakes, which you can improve and take your blog to the next level. Can.

Today we will learn about the mistakes in blog design, about which all bloggers should know.

If the traffic on your blog is low or the bounce rate is high, then there may be some mistake in your blog design, then let us know about these blogging mistakes in blog design.

1: Keep Color Combination in mind

Who doesn’t like colorful things? We know that everyone finds colorful things nice and attractive, but that does not mean that we also fill the layout of our blog with colorful colors like red, green, blue, yellow.

Incorrect use of colors can upset your visitors and they may never come back to your blog.

There are many color combinations that cause stinging in the eyes of the learner, such as texts on white or pink color on a black background, and then it is very difficult to read, there are some other color combinations that irritate the user. Therefore, they should be avoided.

We must decide a color palette for our blog as you can see on most websites that use the same color scheme which has only 2-3 colors.

For example, you can see the color palette of Facebook, in which only different shades of blue and white are used.

2: Lots of Widgets on the Sidebar

The sidebar is a very good place where you can use that space very well by adding the necessary widgets like popular posts, newsletter form.

But some bloggers put unnecessary things in the sidebar such as world clock, visit counter, word cloud, page rank, even weather widgets.

We are not saying that you should not use such widgets, but you only think that do you really need them? Useless widgets can reduce the speed of your site, apart from this, users can also get distracted by them.

3: Add lots of links in the menu bar

As soon as you visit any blog, by looking at its navigation bar, it is known that the blog has been made about it and what kind of articles or contents it may contain.

If you have put many links in the main menu of your blog, then it can be quite confusing for visitors, so remove the links of useless and irrelevant pages as soon as possible.

Divide the contents of your blog into some main categories and add category links in the menu.

4: Using Less Quality Image

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and can make your article more attractive but if the quality of the image itself is poor then it can have a bad effect on your blog.

Do not use such images which are pixilated, blurry, and low quality.

Download the image always in high quality and do not increase the size of the small image, it can be blurred.

5: Using Large Image without Compressing

You should use the high-quality image on the blog, but if its size is very high, then it can slow down the speed of your site and slow website neither the visitor nor Google so you should keep the image size low.

Always compress the image but not so much that its quality deteriorates. You can search online compressor tool for this.

If you have a blog on WordPress, you can use image optimization plugins.

6: Show too many Advertisements

We know that advertisement is such a thing that gives you some money in exchange for your hard work and motivates you to do blogging constantly, but apart from money, you also have to take care of your users.

Users come to your blog to find some information and not to see ads. Many times it happens that we visit a website and as soon as we visit, many popups break upon us at once, and then we are forced to close that site, you are also stuck in this situation many times. Will be

So avoid placing more ads, it will not only bother your visitors, but in addition to this your site may also be slow.

7: Use Multiple Fonts

Do not use too many fonts, this can make your blog look like spam, always use only 2-3 fonts like one for a paragraph, one for heading and keep it consistent in every post.

Always choose a font that is simple and understandable and avoid stylish fonts.

8: Make Contents Readable

Keep in mind that the contents of your blog should be visible to the visitor and take care of font, font-size and text color so that there is no problem in reading.

9: Distinguish Links and Normal Text

Keep the style of hyperlinks separate from other texts in the paragraph so that there is no confusion in both.

You can give the links underline, bold or different colors.

10: Avoiding Text Alignment

While writing the post, keep the alignment of the paragraph from left to right or justify, use the center align sparingly and only when it is very much needed.

11: Website is not Mobile Friendly / Responsive

In today’s time, if your website is not responsive, then understand that you are suffering a lot, so put a mobile friendly template on your blog as soon as possible.

12: Absence of Social Media Buttons

Nowadays it is the era of social media, people like to share everything on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, so it is possible that if the reader likes your post, then he will surely share you social share buttons for his convenience. Do it

13: No search box

When the user does not find some things on your blog, then the search box helps him, so keep a search bar.

14: Do not use Flash content and blinking text

There was a time when people used to use flash images and marquee on their site but now that time is gone and those things are out of date now you should avoid them.

15: Fix broken links

Neither a user likes dead links nor search engine so do not take this risk, keep checking broken and outdated links from time to time.

At Last:

Friends, you have learned about these website design mistakes and hope it will help you improve your blog design. If you too have ever made such mistakes, or if you have any strong or wonderful, then you can tell in the comment. If you know anyone who is making this mistake in their website, then definitely share this post with them, so that they can be helped.

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