Animated Explanatory Videos

How to Make Animated Explanatory Videos?

Surely you already know what animated explanatory videos are and what are the benefits of it could bring to your website or your business in general. It is likely that it has attracted your attention and now you want to incorporate these types of videos into your business.

The next step is to learn how to make animated explainer videos. This, contrary to what it seems, is not as difficult as you think. In addition to the large number of tutorials that you can find on the internet, as well as tools, this guide is essential to be able to make animated explanatory videos.

Do you doubt the need for an explanatory video? Read our article on how to know if your business needs an explanatory video.

How to make explanatory videos?

Fewer questions, fewer answers:

One of the main reasons to consider learning how to make animated explainer videos is the fact that you will be able to better explain what your company is about. The direct benefit is simple, you no longer have to answer so many questions.

More Leads:

If your business needs Leads to prosper, or you simply want to increase the number of them, the animated explanatory videos are made for you. You will be able to better explain your concept and at the same time more easily captivate your users.

This way they will be much more likely to stay on your page longer. Animated explanatory videos are the new successful strategy according to Europa Press .

More sales:

If, for example, you want to introduce a new product to your store, learning how to make explanatory videos can be a good way to capture the attention of potential customers. Another good option can be to use animated explanatory videos to show changes in purchasing methods or shipping, for example.

Improve all metrics:

Overall, learning how to make an animated explainer video can help significantly improve your business numbers. For example, you can increase Engagement, Leads and Sales. You can also improve the experience on your website, reduce the bounce rate and climb positions in the Google ranking with just one video.

Guide to learn how to make an explanatory video

First determine a concept

Before learning how to make explainer videos, for an animated explanatory video to work it has to have a concept behind it. That is why the first step is in creating a concept. Here you can use different guiding axes, from a formal or technical video to a more fun but assertive one.

Try to be clear about your idea all the time to avoid creating material that is difficult to understand. We also recommend that you determine a “force idea” that serves as the main idea of ​​the concept. You can create your “idea of ​​strength” from the main value you want to convey, what the customer likes, etc.

Create a Storyboard

Once you have established the concept or “idea of ​​force”, the next step is to make a Storyboard. This Storyboard or script will help you define the process to follow when creating your video.

Don’t worry, this shouldn’t be complicated, rather it should be a draft in which you translate your ideas sequentially. This will ensure that when creating animated explanatory videos you do not get complicated with the sequences or lines, it will be like passing a clean draft.

Define a design line

When you already have the Storyboard and the concept of your video, it is time to define a design line. This design line must be congruent throughout the video to avoid confusion for users or that the video is not attractive.

Don’t worry, you shouldn’t follow a line as if you were a renowned director, you just have to define it to avoid making mistakes. For example, being an animated video production you can define a cartoonish line, from the 80s or from the future. The simplest is usually a flat animated line.

It’s time to cheer

Now that you have all the previous work, or dirty for some, it is time to get down to work. Here you can find all kinds of programs to make an animated explanatory video, choose the one that best suits what you know, your PC, etc.

Remember to follow your script or Storyboard adding content that suits your design line. Also remember to keep a sequence that is easy to follow because if you make a tangled plot, instead of explaining you will get confused. Keep in mind that you always have to respect the guiding principle, concept or “idea of ​​strength”.

Audio production

For a video to be successful it is necessary to add a little audio. Therefore, the next step in creating an animated explainer video is to produce the audio. There are two options here: to narrate or not to narrate the video, in both cases, it is convenient to add a little background music.

If you plan to record a narration, take care of issues such as the quality and clarity of the audio. In the production part you can edit values ​​such as speed, pauses or volume. The same happens with music, which must also be free of copyright to avoid copyright problems.

Check your video

Once you’ve created an animated how-to video, the next step is to review it. Here we suggest you follow two lines, the first is to do it offline and the second online. Start by showing it to your friends so they can give you the go-ahead and help you spot mistakes.

The next step is to upload it to see how it works. Evaluate the loading speed and its resolution beforehand to avoid surprises. Only then will you ensure that your animated explanatory video is the best of all.

The final tips

Now that you know how to make explanatory videos in the best way, you just have to follow these tips. Try to take care of the format in which you save your video to avoid weighing it down or changing its quality.

On the contrary, if you don’t have time to learn how to make explanatory videos, at Animation Monster we can do them for very little. Contact us and we will give you a budget without obligation.

We also recommend that you adapt the tone to the audience and the product, you will not speak the same to a man to whom you sell insurance than to a young man to whom you sell vacations.

Finally, try to add some Call to Action near or within the video to take advantage of the boost that an animated explanatory video can generate in your audience.

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